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Matching Pajamas

Matching Pajamas

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Introducing our newest addition to your holiday festivities - Matching Pajamas Candle! This limited edition candle is designed to take you on a journey down memory lane, to those beloved Christmas mornings spent with your loved ones. The candle brings together the aromas of Christmas Trees, Mistletoe, Peppermint, and Eucalyptus, creating an alluring scent that evokes memories of the happiest days of your life.

The scent profile of our Matching Pajamas Candle starts with the fresh, outdoor fragrance of a fresh cut Christmas tree. The notes are mingled with Mistletoe to recreate that magical Christmas ambiance that we all adore. The candle also boasts of a refreshing touch of Eucalyptus scent that helps to invigorate the senses and revitalizes the ambiance, making it a perfect scent for the holiday season.

The addition of Peppermint to the candle scent profile is the cherry on the top. Peppermint is known for its rejuvenating and refreshing qualities, perfect for kick-starting your day. It helps provide that minty, spicy twist to this rich, natural scent profile, giving a unique and cozy fragrance that lingers in the air long after the candle has been extinguished.

Our Matching Pajamas Candle offers an unparalleled experience of warmth, coziness, and friendliness that totally captures the spirit of the holiday season. Whether you're preparing for a holiday gathering or enjoying a quiet holiday night with your loved ones, this candle is everything you need for truly magical moments.

So go ahead and light up the Matching Pajamas Candle, and let the warm, inviting aroma of Christmas trees, mistletoe, peppermint and eucalyptus fill your heart with holiday cheer. Each candle is hand-poured in small batches and made with natural ingredients, ensuring a quality product that burns beautifully for hours. Order your Matching Pajamas Candle today and ignite the magic of Christmas in your home!

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